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Greenstein Nutraceuticals oversees the lifestyle market for the Greenstein group and produces CBD based lifestyle products and other nutraceuticals, including adaptogenic herbs, mushrooms and superfoods. Kickstarting with our first brand NOEO, Greenstein Nutraceuticals will initially launch its CBD oils and extend its product portfolio into food supplements and cosmetics. Greenstein will create these formulations in partnership with The NuCLab, a Cosmetics and Food Supplements Research & Development Laboratory located in Athens and under the consultancy of  Dr. Xynos. The final products will be predominantly manufactured in Germany 

NOEO is a high-end wellness brand that believes in the health benefits of cannabinoids as seen in ancient practices of many cultures. Fusing the modern culture with ancient knowledge it targets the needs of the consumer leading busy lifestyles and stressful situations. NOEO provides high-quality, easy-access and fast solutions to young professionals experiencing anxiety, nervousness and other effects of our fast-paced daily routines. 

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